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Current AEVOS Office Tenants

Suite 101  Woodbury Financial, Roberto Fontani

Suite 102  Data Center Services, LLC, Barrett Franklin

Suite 103 Prospector LLC, Jessica Allman

Suite 104   Massage and Sound Therapy, Cheryl Barker

Suite 105   Braun Psychological Services, Dustin Braun

Suite 106   Unstoppable Dyslexia, Bonnie Meyers

Suite 107   Healing Truths, Cynthia Pickett

Suite 108   BPE Law, Keith Dunnagan & Alex Hinman

Suite 109   Freedom Retirement, Matt Rowley   


Suite 120   North Star Mortgage & Realty, Denise Borgia & Michael Herberg

Suite 121    LPL Financial, Randy Malm

Suite 122 - CVS Capital Institute for Wealth, Creg Shaffer    

Suite 123    Blastoff Labs, Steve Bell

Suite 124    Taylor | Anderson LLP, Christopher Mordy

Suite 125    The Ridge, Dr. Jena Casas

Suite 127    Fortune Trucking, LLC

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