What is an Executive Suite?

By Jennifer Goodwyn

Also referred to as gold suites, office business centers, serviced offices, and temporary or short-term office space, depending on the provider, executive suites provide office space with flexible terms and more services than traditional office space. Ultimately, executive suites help companies project the image of a professional operation at a more affordable cost.

Initially designed with small businesses in mind, executive suites allow companies with limited or no office space to rent a fully-furnished office suite they need instead of renting a traditional office space with offices and administrative areas that would otherwise be unused or underutilized. By providing smaller companies with the amenities, infrastructure and professional image of larger companies, Executive Suites allows small businesses to operate without having to worry about acquiring, managing, or maintaining traditional office amenities.

By renting an executive suite, companies can minimize their liability and maximize their flexibility. With offices in a multitude of locations worldwide, renting an executive suite enables your company to put its best foot forward when it comes to handling business matters. All executive suites are already furnished with high-end décor and state-of-the-art amenities. In most cases, executive offices include access to an unbranded reception area and fully equipped meeting facilities in an executive suite plan.


Gain Access to Corporate Amenities

Many companies opt for executive suites since they give small businesses access to corporate-style amenities they may not be able to afford otherwise. By renting an executive suite, companies can gain access to current technology without a large up-front investment. Although the services vary by provider, they generally include a personalized telephone answering service, access to high-speed Internet, and administrative or clerical IT support, among other perks.

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 4,000 executive suite centers operating with nearly 6,000 operating worldwide. As the advantages of these centers and all they have to offer becomes better known, large and small businesses alike will begin to take advantage of executive suites.

For thousands of executive suite customers worldwide, flexibility is key. Most providers offer their services with no long-term contracts or commitments – just flexible solutions put in place to help your company succeed. Whether your company is brand new, down-sizing, or simply opening offices in a different state or country, renting an executive suite may be just the solution you need.